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Hey. You've reached another engineering blog from a budding engineer with more compute power than interesting things to talk about! I don't have a lot to offer in the realm of cutting-edge technical prowess - I likely won't be discussing compiler optimization or distributed system architecture or re-implementing low-level libraries in Rust to shave precious milliseconds off of your application's function calls.

I won't be talking about those things because I don't do those things. I work as one member of a tiny informatics team at an ecological sustainability nonprofit that in recent years has specialized in energy efficiency consultancy. The work done there is ultimately in service of reducing carbon emissions and mitigating the effects of climate change. Typing that sentence feels like a dream - there are few other mission statements I would feel comfortable supporting, given the absolute urgency of the impending climate apocalypse.

But life isn't a dream - and a mission statement isn't the same as de-facto evidence that you are making a tangible difference with your day-to-day accomplishments. You have ego and you want that evidence! Being a part of such a small group means you don't have access to an established community of like-minded builders to learn from. You have the open web at your fingertips! Working at a not-a-tech-company that doesn't sell a software product also means properly architecting a system looks a lot like over-architecting. You LIKE over-architecting.

Since it'd be irresponsible to choose personal growth over business growth on the company's dime, I'd like this blog to be a repository for my explorations in developer self-improvement, a realtime frustration log, and a sketchpad for how individual contributors with engineering experience can learn, adopt, and evangelize sustainable practices.

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