A Fresher Start

I've started building a microblog app again. Trying not to overthink why I should make something and just make something. What is it? I don't know. What does it do? I don't know. The only question I want to answer, which will change slightly each week, is "Can I do X?". I'll collect the little "yes"es each week and use them as fuel.

Thinking of making it space-themed and inspired by google+. Yes, google+. It had some good ideas, despite being late to the party, neglected, and ultimately chucked into the Google woodchipper.

Some goals are:

  • learn and explore managed backends
  • see if React + Typescript is any more intuitive
  • start building momentum developing anything

I have written up a simple app with a unified frontend + backend in nextjs, using supabase as a managed database.

I'll likely deploy to Netlify.

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