Arch Journal

Arch Linux Journal

A journal/log for my arch install on the Framework laptop

  • Kernel 5.13.13
  • Gnome 40
  • /boot is 15gb of efi (The framework bootloader is UEFI)
    • It's NOT LUKS encrypted yet
  • / is ~900gb of ext4
  • /swap is 32gb of swap space ( linux has some problems with high battery drain upon hibernation/sleep)
  • Bluetooth is broken for the A210 Wifi 6 Chip on 5.13.13, but it worked in 5.13<13, so I imagine it'll get fixed soon
  • Wifi works great throught NetworkManager
  • Gnome Desktop Manager (gdm) works natively with libfprintd to provide fingerprint support at login
  • I've modified /etc/pam.d/sudo to include fingerprint auth, too


Today I got a bunch of things accomplished. I

  • Switched from iwd to NetworkManager for better integration with the Gnome gui
  • Installed Improved Gestures Gnome Extension to get proper 4-finger macOS style trackpad gestures
  • Installed pop-shell from System76
  • Learned about the Arch Linux Archive, which preserves and makes available older versions of Arch packages for easy downgrade
  • Noticed my personal cloud-hosted instance of $SaaS was down, so hopped into a shell and unstuck it

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