America is Infatuated with Stupid Ideas: Part 1

Ahem, in college I once wrote a nice paper about the Tesla car company and commended their efforts to fight climate change by innovating in alternative energy. Incredibly unfortunately, I also totally bought the lie that Elon Musk was an integral part of that team's success. I regret the error deeply. In light of recent discovery that this man personally and sadistically torpedoed a promising high speed rail system in California, I would like to establish my updated opinion.

Rugged individualism creates the notion that fanatical devotion to personal greatness is the best gift each of us can offer society.

...which is annoying for many reasons...

but mostly because it is antithetical to the winning evolutionary strategy of homosapiens:

collective intelligence

When scary things roamed the earth, overly-individualistic traits couldn’t possibly have had staying power.

Alone, with a single survival-processing-unit, we get eaten, bearing too much responsibility to remember where tigers are, and where they aren't.

but when every member of the tribe shares a common language, each becomes free to specialize in a different survival tactic, such as:

  • remembering where tigers are
  • remembering where tigers are not
  • finding sharp rocks to bash tigers with
  • finding long sticks to poke tigers with

Necessitate conversation, add beer, and within some time an efficient spear-hunting plan is hatched, described by a function of

Individual Thinking Power * Number of Brains

to the power of

Imagination Combination Factor (beer)

it doesn't matter that predators have razorsharp claws or massive size or even larger numbers - the cave dwelling primates unlocked multiplicative cognition, and those genes are getting passed down.

Though members of the tribe survive, puddle-gazing narcissists get eaten.

Lonely pursuits feel dysphoric to us because they are wrong for our species

With each social realm relinquished to the rugged individualists, we endorse the disintegration of

the cauldron of collaboration

our evolutionary edge!

ideas mixing and fusing in search of ignition, of memories multiplied and lessons enhanced.

This power is far greater than any bald libertarian in any dull cubicle should be able to attain. No matter how poor his empathy or how rich his parents, one South African billionaire cosplaying as a misunderstood genius / political outcast should not be allowed to hold social goods hostage; vote for a fucking socialist.

P.S. Fuck you you train-hating bitch

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